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A Review of the Documentary Film “Is Genesis History?”

Is Genesis History? asks a question that many Christians struggle with. Is the first book of the Bible comprised of pious myths? Is it an allegory designed to teach important lessons about God, but not actually a record of the … Continue reading

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Mineralogy: A World of Law and Beauty

When you think of minerals, you may think of the breakfast components you read on the back of the cereal box. This blog however, is a discussion about minerals like garnet, amethyst, diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal, topaz, turquoise, and … Continue reading

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Cambrian explosion and Darwin’s doubt

The most significant and striking pattern in the fossil record may well be the dramatic change in the types of fossils as one moves upward from the Precambrian layers to the Cambrian. Precambrian rocks have some microfossils, with relatively few … Continue reading

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How do plate tectonics relate to the Bible?

If someone asks you any question about geology and your answer includes the phrase “plate tectonics,” you have a fairly good chance of being correct or at least on track to the right answer. Plate tectonic theory provides an explanation … Continue reading

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Catastrophism: discussion of its current status in geology, and a prediction

In the last two centuries catastrophism has had its ups and downs in the scientific world of geology. At the time of Charles Lyell and before, many geologists explained geological history in catastrophist terms: geological processes were often described as … Continue reading

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Megabreccia and Catastrophe

On a recent trip to Peru I encountered this huge rock [see attached photo], miles from the nearest potential source.  How did it get here?  What kinds of processes were involved? How fast was it moving? These and other questions … Continue reading

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Flat Gaps challenge long Geologic Ages

Did life slowly evolve over billions of years as suggested by evolutionary theory, or was it created recently by God, just a few thousand years ago as indicated in the Bible?  The flat gaps in the sedimentary rocks of the … Continue reading

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