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Homo naledi: An update

This blog post complements a piece written for the GRI blog on October 2015, linked here. Two important papers were published in May 2017, warranting an update on the subject of Homo naledi. The first publication [1] reports the discovery … Continue reading

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Is Homo naledi your “relative,” “ancestor,” or “part of the human family tree”?

On September 10 2015, an open-access article on the journal eLife (downloadable at presented to the scientific community the newest addition of a species to the hominid fossil record: Homo naledi [1] (Fig. 1). A well-orchestrated unveiling of the … Continue reading

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How do Neanderthals fit with a biblical model?

NEANDERTHAL DESCENDANTS According to evolutionary paleoanthropologists Neanderthals went extinct about 30,000 years ago, with their last individuals living in southern Spain and Gibraltar. In the light of what we know about their anatomy, genetics, and culture, what is their relationship … Continue reading

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Who or what are Neanderthals?

Ever since the discovery of the first Neanderthal fossil in 1856, scientists and theologians have been puzzled about the nature and place of these humans on the family tree. Where did they come from? Were they actual humans? When and … Continue reading

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