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Birds and Flight

Recently I flew to London on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Despite what media hype might lead a Dreamliner passenger to expect, there were no fires on board and the experience wasn’t particularly different from what I’ve experienced on innumerable … Continue reading

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Is there design in nature?

The argument from design The argument from contrivance William Paley published a book in 1802, entitled Natural Theology: or evidences of the existence and attributes of the Deity. Paley made the claim that nature is full of features that show … Continue reading

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Design in Nature

One day I was standing with my friend Henry Zuill next to a pile of gravel. Henry happened to look down at the stones as we talked and, as I followed his gaze, we both saw something surprising, a stone … Continue reading

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Beauty and Intelligent Design

Beauty is a quality of existence that has engaged philosophers since Plato. It is an ancient ideal we should pursue, along with goodness and truth.  From classical times its hallmarks were harmony, proportion and coherence, or unity.  There is also … Continue reading

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