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Because the Precambrian part of geologic history covers so much material, the discussion is split into three parts with this being the second. Here is a summary of the three sections:

The first section summarizes the standard model for formation of the Universe, Solar System and Earth, Moon, oceans, continents, and plate tectonics.
This second section describes Precambrian rock exposures, as well as the atmosphere, climate, and Precambrian life. Many illustrative pictures are included. Design examples and creationist ideas are interspersed throughout.
The third section provides two perspectives suggested by creationists: (1) a young universe and life and (2) old inorganic material, but young life. Continue reading

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SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE TALK ABOUT THE EARLY EARTH   INTRODUCTION How does one relate the standard scientific model to that presented in the Bible for the history of the Universe and Earth? This does not have an easy answer, … Continue reading

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Design in the Physical Universe

Several years ago my wife and I were hiking in Utah at Arches National Park. The area was desert, so it wasn’t easy to pick out the trail, but we saw these little piles of rocks. If there had only … Continue reading

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The Theory of the Universe

Albert Einstein said his biggest mistake was in not predicting the expanding universe. He developed an equation in 1915 that described gravitational effects in terms of general relativity. Since everything in the Universe gravitationally attracts everything else, one would theoretically … Continue reading

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