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Science and technology are powerful, respected, and highly successful.  They have immensely improved our standard of living — from houses, appliances, food, health, and recreation to methods of communication, transportation, and record keeping — leading some to believe that all of humanity’s problems can be solved by science. But can science aid in finding answers to philosophical questions about our origin and destiny and about our purpose for living? Can it solve the problems of war and mismanaged environments? Science has tried unsuccessfully and often in direct conflict with answers given in the Bible.

The most notable conflict is between the theory of evolution with its billions of years for the progressive development of life and the biblical account of the creation of life by God in six literal days a few thousand years ago. Does the success of science in other areas force us to conclude that scientific evidence for an evolutionary theory is irrefutable?

The Geoscience Research Institute, founded in 1958, was established to address this question by looking at the scientific evidence concerning origins. The Institute uses both science and revelation to study the question of origins because it considers the exclusive use of science as too narrow an approach. The Institute serves the Seventh-day Adventist church in two major areas: research and communication.

6 Responses to About us

  1. Philobytes says:

    I recently listened to a podcast of Origins by L. James Gibson and wanted to ask a few questions. please email me with my provided email

    • grisda says:

      Feel free to ask questions on here and I will do my best to get answers to you.
      For reference, so he knows the context, can you provide me with the link to the podcast you heard?

      • Emmanuel Mangok says:

        I am South Sudanese geologist and an SDA member, am interesting to join the institute how possible it is?

      • Geoscience Research Institute says:

        Dear Emmanuel, thanks for contacting us. We do not have employment opportunities available at the Institute, we would be interested in getting more information about you – what kind of geology are you trained in, what is your interest in origins, are you involved in research, etc. Are you subscribed to our newsletter? If not, you might like to sign up for it on our website at http://www.grisda.org

  2. Richard Rusoke says:

    If one wants to join the institute, what are the qualifications and what are the programs offered and for how long?

    • Geoscience Research Institute says:

      We are a research institute rather than an educational one. While we do help with some education, we are more of a “business”. At the moment we have no job openings. If you are interested in getting a degree, we suggest you look at Loma Linda University, department of earth and biological sciences.

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